Scott Spidle

West Nova

People’s Party of Canada

Scott Spidle, representing West Nova: Born in 1983 on Prince Edward Island and raised in Nova Scotia, Scott has a natural affinity with the fisheries, veterans, and health care. His Dutch and German ancestors sailed the original Bluenose; fought in WWI- and II, and both triumphed and perished in their endeavors. His upbringing instilled within him a great love and respect for our country, our freedoms, and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Accepted to pursue an Armed Forces career, Scott chose instead to pursue college after disagreeing with the Middle East wars, and following graduation became an automotive tech at the Atlantic Ford Training Centre. He went on as a mechanic at a family-run shop until injury forced him to refrain from heavy duties. Scott became ill with COVID and was able to find alternative treatment at the same time the provincial health authority was maintaining that no alternative treatments exist. With two mobility conditions at the time, the doctors did their job and prescribed medications that saved Scott’s life.

scott spidle

Platform & Objectives


Scott has spoken with many others, including constituents within West Nova, who’ve used the same treatment or other treatments, with great success. Many doctors are well aware of treatments that are being suppressed, as they also oppose the draconian health measures and strict treatment protocol; however, they fear losing their job, medical license or pension if they speak out, and have been threatened. Scott will help end this tyranny against the populace and doctors.


Scott would also fight to direct more funding and resources for our provincial health care system. While also fighting for the People’s Party of Canada platform policy of creating incentives to attract doctors and retain graduating medical students in the province, where they’re needed so badly. As we have the serious and sometimes life-threatening issues with ER closures, bed shortages and lack of ambulances in the West Nova riding.

fishery dispute

The indigenous fishery dispute, which has become so terrible and a stain on our great province is also something Scott also aims to combat with success. Through mutual respect and the People’s Party of Canada platform policy for our indigenous people. Which has been well received and supported, by both those outside of and within the Indigenous community.

As someone with an ancestor who was a crew member of the original Bluenose, the entire fishery industry and culture is something he greatly cares about. He would love to see it flourish in peace and prosperity, as it should. With high confidence in the People’s Party of Canada platform policies that can make it happen.

Veterans & Active-Duty Armed forces

Last but certainly not least, the many veterans and active-duty members of our Armed Forces mean a great deal to Scott. For which he is grateful, humbled by and heartbroken for the recent events in Afghanistan due to poor leadership.

Scott would fight to help these great men and women in every way possible. With everything from struggles, they may have with financial issues, to the personal and emotional stress that greatly wears on so many of them.

Many veterans find comfort peace and resolve, within programs involving animals and farming. Which is something we could incorporate into our largely rural West Nova communities, which include many farms and places like Oaklawn Farm Zoo.


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